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We are a socially-minded online ecommerce shop whose founders are passionate about Nature and its inhabitants!

Thant why saving bees is important: 

Here is a list of some of the Causes that inspire us at NoBeeNoFood. We support these organizations, some financially, all energetically. Whether you're just learning about this cause, there is always more to learn and good folks on the front lines that need our support and encouragement. To expand your knowledge and maybe help in some way, please check out these organizations:

1. "Operation SOS Bees by Greenpeace" - Bees are in decline and Greenpeace is on the case. There are many reasons for decline in global bee populations, but these fine folks have zeroed in on one of the biggest causes: Insecticides. If you think these harmful chemicals just kill insects, you have a lot to learn about the insidiousness of these horrific chemicals; click over and learn more.

2. "Honey Bee Lab by University of Oregon" - Professor Sagili and his staff and students are essentially bee doctors. From leading research into Varroa and other harmful mites, to helping educate beekeepers on how to reduce poisoning by pesticides, to helping monitor colony health, these fine bee-lievers are worthy of our support. Heck, you can even become a certified master beekeeper through their programs.

3. "Sponsor a Hive by The Honeybee Conservancy" - You've got to take a moment to visit them and learn about their strategic hive deployment and the amazing impact sponsoring a hive can have on local communities and natural food production. This is embodiment of humans and bees living together in harmony, benefiting from one another.

4. "The Bees and Kids Program by BeeGirl.org" - We've all been exposed to it, whether on the playground as kids, or being indoctrinated with certain beliefs from those adults in our lives at an early age—it's fear! Most people who don't know better are afraid of bees, and it usually starts when we're kids, then becomes a lifelong fear that results in the untimely death of a poor little bee who happens to buzz into their vicinity. 

Thank you wholeheartedly for visiting NoBeeNoFood.com and supporting our mission. Whether you make a purchase, or simply share our message through Social Media, you are helping support a global cause near and dear to us all. You can't imagine the impact a simple share can make :)

- NoBeeNoFood Team